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3D Software has always been a valuable tool for my illustration needs.  The images below were created using primarily Lightwave 3D by Newtek with some additional effects added with Adobe Creative Suite.

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Matris Terra (Mother Earth) Project


Mother Earth Project centered around a future Earth allowed to return to a natural state.  Mankind has left for the stars from which we came and return only to remember our roots and pay respect to Mother Earth. (Senior Thesis 2008) (Sponza Atrium Model courtesy Marko Dabrovic)

Book Cover Concepts

    CozLightning.jpg (94305 bytes)    BlastSmall2.jpg (88204 bytes)     CozCruiser.jpg (89264 bytes)


Military Computer Based Training

Hellfire Missile cutaway illustration (2001)

gau16.JPG (33313 bytes)    gau16b.JPG (37066 bytes)    sidewinder.jpg (33299 bytes)    hueyfwd.jpg (110344 bytes)   Gau16bd.jpg (47695 bytes)

Gau17b.jpg (67925 bytes)    helmet.jpg (31797 bytes)   Huey2.jpg (79879 bytes)    Huey1.jpg (49853 bytes)    17Sketch.jpg (87599 bytes)

subcoz1w.jpg (32468 bytes)    subcoz2w.jpg (31014 bytes)      CozProwler.jpg (59657 bytes)   m197.jpg (33453 bytes)

Gatling Door Gun 3D Illustration- Newtek Lightwave 3D (2008)




Product Illustration

    PHONE1.jpg (71626 bytes)    CozDog4.jpg (53027 bytes)    CozDog1.jpg (42377 bytes)    ProductCoz1.jpg (32729 bytes)          

design functionality comparison 3d animation-Newtek Lightwave 9.5 (2008)


Sci-Fi Concepts
Cozhead.jpg (44462 bytes)    Sharkweb.jpg (25030 bytes)     cargoshipweb.jpg (68488 bytes)    Cozalienship.jpg (64979 bytes)


HDRI Render Tests

test3.jpg (157181 bytes)    Saucer2a.jpg (81978 bytes)    MechRadtest.jpg (75372 bytes)    HDRtest2.jpg (24186 bytes)    testhdri.jpg (28596 bytes)